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Sailors called it a "dry point" because of the long-lasting dry periods, while its inhabitants, and visitors, know it as Primošten. It is situated on a small island which the inhabitants connected to the land via a causeway five centuries ago, so that they could arrive at their fields more easily. Surrounded by seven small islands, Primošten is a special gift of nature that leaves no one indifferent. What a parsimonious nature did not provide, the industrious people created themselves, and made Primošten one of the most attractive places to visit in the whole of the Adriatic.

Primošten street

The stone houses, churches and narrow lanes represent a perfect harmony of the past and the present. From a fishing village, Primošten has developed into a part of the Adriatic's heaven for holiday-makers. The narrow streets, specifically Mediterranean in feel, invite you to experience the warmth of the people and the land, at least for a moment.


In Primošten surroundings, in vineyards planted almost in bare stone, an autochthonous wine grape variety is grown. A famous superior quality wine Babić is produced from this grape. These vineyards have an official status of world monument of human work and there is a a picture of them in the lobby of the United Nations building in New York.


Today, Primošten is well known holiday destination where crystal clear see,long beaches , whiteness of the stone and greenness of the pines marvels tourist all over the world.

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Sport Activities

But besides that, Primošten can offer a much more.
If you wish to spend an active holiday in Primošten, you will surely find something for yourself. We can provide tennis, table tennis, mini golf, basketball, sand volley-ball. There are also developed bicycle routes in Primošten surroundings. With regard to water sports, there are water scooters, wind surfing, pedalos, diving and rent-a-boat for fishing, diving schools. So, besides all day swimming, there are a lot of interesting things to do.

Culture and events

Numerous cultural events and entertainment programs take place during the summer months:

  • Primosten užanci (the first week in August, folk ceremony and local dance).
  • The Lady of Loret (9th and 10th of May, the old belief is that all inhabitants have to blow sage (local plant) on that day in order to protect themselfs from diseases)
  • The Lady of Porto (27th of July), a big procession around the town takes place.
  • Primošten feast ( in August)
  • Entertainment center Aurora (all summer, concerts in the largest and best discotheque in this part of the Adriatic)


  1. National Park Krka

    Because of the incredible beauty of waterfalls, lakes, plant life, and the river was declared a national park in 1985. year. Named after the river Krka, which is an integral part of the park. It is located in central Dalmatia, just a few kilometers northeast of the city Šibenik.
    > 35km, 40min, www.npkrka.hr

  2. Kornati National Park

    Kornati are an unique island group in the Mediterranean with 89 islands and rocks that stretch on the surface of 302 km2. Landscapes and panoramas are specific to boaters and many visitors to the park. The wild beauty of stone, clear blue sea, hidden coves, the unusual nature of contrasts, especially the world of silence, are a unique experience.
    > Kornati full day boat trip from Primošten www.kornati.hr

  3. National Park Plitvice Lakes

    Probably the most beautiful and most famous Croatian national park, part of the UNESCO World Heritage. With the abundance and grandeur of the water, the thundering of the many water falls, the power of nature leaves all of our guests in awe when they experience the Plitvice Lakes.
    > 230km, 2h 45min, www.np-plitvicka-jezera.hr

  4. Šibenik

    Šibenik is the oldest self-settled city on the Adriatic and is located at the mouth of the river Krka. Get acquainted with the history of this city by visiting its many museums, galleries and historical monuments. During the summertime, Šibenik hosts various festivals such as the International Children’s Festival, urban indie-rock festival Terraneo, Evenings of Dalmatian Chansons and Šibenik Cultural Summer.
    > 30km, 30min, www.sibenik-tourism.hr

  5. Trogir

    Trogir, or as many call it – “museum town” is located in the center of Dalmatia. Its harbor is a favorite destination for boaters because of good position and natural protection. The town is famous for its numerous historical monuments, some of which are: old town core, fort Kamerlengo, St. Marko fortress, sculpture of the Blessed Ivan Orsini, St. Jeronim chappel, Cipico palace, renaissance church of St. John the Baptist, the portal of Radovan, museum...
    > 32 km, 30 min, www.trogironline.com

  6. Split

    The second-largest city in Croatia, Split is a great place to see Dalmatian life as it’s really lived. Always buzzing, this exuberant city has just the right balance of tradition and modernity. Step inside Diocletian’s Palace (a Unesco World Heritage site and one of the world’s most impressive Roman monuments) and you’ll see dozens of bars, restaurants and shops thriving amid the atmospheric old walls where Split life has been going on for thousands of years. To top it off, Split has a unique setting. Its dramatic coastal mountains act as the perfect backdrop to the turquoise waters of the Adriatic. You’ll get a chance to appreciate this gorgeous cityscape when making a ferry journey to or from the city.
    > 60km, 1h, www.split.info

  7. Omiš

    Small town near Split , where the beautiful Cetina River and it's canyon, nearby mountain tops and islands, beaches and rich vegetation together form the landscape of extraordinary beauty. For those that prefer active holidays, Omiš is a perfect destination. Rafting on Cetina River, free-climbing, scuba diving, trekking and windsurfing are just some of the activities that Omiš has to offer. Omiš Cultural Summer, Festival of Dalmatian Klapa, Pirates Nights and many other events make Omiš perfect place to experience the true spirit of the Mediterranean. Come and enjoy in Omiš and members of our family will be friendly hosts for you.
    > 78km, 1h 15min, www.omisinfo.com